Intro X2

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Intro X2

Postby ClydeBuilt » Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:26 pm

Sorry more of a re-intro as I dont get fishing as much as I would like, so tend not to keep up on 'the goss'.

Ronny I met as the man who rescued the top section of my first pole, GG through Ron Woods at SFCA meetings.
New a couple of the carp Group who were also pikers, bu I really only dabbled in other types of fishing.

Until the day Davey Holt turned up....I knew Davy from the PAC, so was happy to see him on the F&C landing plenty of roach, but he requested I return as the light went. I did and learned that night the basics of Tench fishing, moving onto fishing the quiver for roach.

I was always a pike man, but could recognise thr strength to local anglers, in having a support structure fit for purpose, for when things aint quite so rosy.

Health issues dictate my activities most days, so this is my best foray for a few years now. Chasing Perch on jigs and drop-shotting. Given the time of year, Im looking at fishing for Grayling later on, but could possibly need a partner as I have zero clue about Grayling

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