Chris Kirkwood takes free lesson offer.

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Chris Kirkwood takes free lesson offer.

Postby Tommy L » Thu May 01, 2014 9:48 pm

Chris is a trout angler who has recently decided to try his hand at coarse fishing. He attended Magiscroft today and fished on peg number 19 of the Main Loch. Whilst picking up litter on a walk around the ponds I came across Chris and enquired how he was doing and he was still blanking.

I offered Chris a lesson on the Top Pond using one of my training whips. After around 10 mins with decent presentation and proper feeding Chris started to get bites and catch some small roach and perch. It was explained that the fish would get bigger as the session went on and like clockwork as expected some larger roach were caught. It was then explained that we were looking for the lull in the bites which would be a sign the carp had moved in. Sure enough the lull arrived 10 mins later then right on cue the float buried and the elastic on the whip stretched out.

Ten minutes later a 2.5Lb Carp was netted. Chris continued to fish on after his 30 minute training session and caught a few more carp and some larger roach. What a day for his phone battery to give in. The following are a few photographs of his first carp on the whip and an early roach. Chris will be back again and intend to invest in a whip. If anyone wants a similar lesson I can be found at the fishery every Wednesday and Thursday evenings after 6pm when I have time to coach. I can give advice during the day but don't have time to coach due to other duties.




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Re: Chris Kirkwood takes free lesson offer.

Postby andy prentice » Thu May 08, 2014 6:12 pm

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