Friday Night Double Mirror

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Friday Night Double Mirror

Postby mick-hay87 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:41 pm

Great day in the sunshine, Friday 12/06/15...
Up on the main loch teaching the missus on pellet splash waggler, a lot of missed bited but ended up getting a few after a quick lesson on the birches... girlfriend ended up on 2 common carp at about 6Lb each - beating me till the very end (as all I seemed to get were F1's and small mirrors in the birches) when my feeder rod with a size 14 hook, 6mm banded hard pellet screamed off, netting me a nice 11Lb main loch mirror right out the margins.

That was ment to be the last cast... but then I have her tell me " I just want one more cast"... "just one more cast"... "just one more cast." lol Reminded me of when I was a young boy and my dad couldn't get me away from the water at the end of the day... never did get that last minute bonus fish all those times I tried.

Girlfriend also hooked onto a nice 5Lb common with... 20 metre of mono - size 12 hook - hair rigged plastic corn all hanging out its mouth. caught in all sort of crap. didn't put up much of a fight as you would expect - Why do people cut the line from the bank??? and not wrap line around rod rest or something and pull until it snaps at hooklink... stupid!!! :naughty
2015-06-12 20.19.52.jpg
11Lb mirror.
2015-06-12 20.19.43.jpg
11Lb mirror
2015 - so far - Pike - 19Lb , Mirror carp - 11Lb, Common carp - 6Lb , Perch - 12oz , Roach - 12oz. Bream - 2Lb, Gudgeon - 2oz,
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