Thursday Open 6/12/18 Top Pond.

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Thursday Open 6/12/18 Top Pond.

Postby Tommy L » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:59 pm

Fullscreen capture 06122018 162225.bmp.jpg

Winner..Tommy Lauriston..Peg No.16..5Lbs-5ozs

Fullscreen capture 06122018 162233.bmp.jpg

2nd Place..Geoff Lowe..Peg No.9..3Lbs-7ozs

Fullscreen capture 06122018 162239.bmp.jpg

3rd Place..Dougie Campbell..Peg No.7 3Lbs-6ozs

Also Fishing..Robert King..Peg No.14..DNW

Match Report:

Only four anglers turned out today for the Midweek Sweep. The Temp was 9 degrees and for the start of December not bad at all. A welcome to Robert King who made his debut. Apologies Robert that we didn't get to speak to you much as due to lack of light it was all go setting up from the draw until the weigh-in. Next time you join us if you arrive earlier you will get all the advice you need prior to the match.

The match was fished from 10-30am till 3-15pm on a windy day with little rain of note. The anglers on the high numbers were getting the full brunt of the wind which interfered with the presentation. Would imagine that the low numbers had the same but not as fierce.

Geoff was first to draw and got his usual Peg 9 and was happy. Dougie second to draw got his Fav feeder Peg 7 and was ecstatic. Tommy got Peg 16 and knew he was in for a day of silver fishing. Robert who was late for the draw got left peg 14 which is narrow and not the best feeder peg.

When the all in was shouted it was Dougie that caught from the off. He had silvers and a skimmer on his tip Rod. He didn't set up a pole for the second match running. Dougie was leading for the first half of the match prior to the fish in his swim not feeding. Dougie persisted and hoped that like most weeks the fish would feed in the final hour but that didn't happen. Dougie weighed in 3Lbs-6ozs.

Geoff got off to a slow start having set up to catch silvers. He caught steady and had a barren hour in the middle of the match. He stuck to his task and managed to overcome Dougie weighing in 3Lbs-7ozs.

Robert had a bad day on the feeder and ended up without a bite all day.

Tommy started off looking for carp and after 15 mins went deep to fish for silvers. It was an hour before the landed a 12oz roach to get him underway. Once Tommy worked out the feeding pattern he began to catch silvers which included road, Ide, Chub and Perch. He had an F1 weighing 6ozs. The fish kept coming until the final hour. A look up the shelf for 15 mins with 30mins to all-out produced no indications. Tommy weighed in 5Lbs-5ozs for the victory.

Well done to all who fished.

Next Match is on Sunday on the Island Pond. See thread.

There will be a Midweek Match next week. A thread will be raised when we know the weather options.

Tommy Lauriston.
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Re: Thursday Open 6/12/18 Top Pond.

Postby Geoff Lowe » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:46 am

Well done Tommy, back on form again. :clap
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