Thursday Open 29/11/18 Top Pond

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Thursday Open 29/11/18 Top Pond

Postby Tommy L » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:17 pm

Fullscreen capture 29112018 165249.bmp.jpg

Winner..Dougie Campbell..Peg No 16..18Lbs-12ozs

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2nd Place..Colin Williamson..Peg No 08..7Lbs-0ozs

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Last..Tommy Lauriston..Peg No 11..6Lbs-12ozs

Match Report:

Only 3 anglers were silly enough to turn out on a day with heavy rain and quite cold and blustery. They were rewarded with a good days fishing. The match was fished from 10-30am till 3-30pm. It was a Rover match and Dougie managed to draw choice 3 with Tommy taking the last peg in the hat and getting choice 1. The rules were that you had to have a blank peg on either side of you when the following angler draws.

Tommy Opted for Peg 11 and Wizzer took Peg 8. That didn't give Dougie Campbell the option of getting back onto Peg 7. Dougie Opted for Peg 16 and the full back straight to himself.

Dougie didn't get a bite in the first hour then his Tip Rod started to work and at one point he caught 4 carp in four casts. A nice net of fish for Dougie with good sized carp and good sized Bream. His catch gave him an easy win weighing in 18Lbs-12ozs.

It was a tight match between Wizzer and Tommy. Tommy got off to a good start but Wizzer fishing his Tip Rod made a late comeback. Going into the last hour he had just two carp. He caught some handy Skimmers in the final hour to weigh 7lb exact. That gave Wizzer second place.

Tommy caught everything that mover throughout the match and Had Carp, Perch, Ide, Chubb, Roach and a Barbel in his net. None of them were big and his weigh was 6Lbs 12ozs for the last place.

Three lasts in a row now for Tommy Last Thursday, Sunday and Today. If there is such a thing Sunday and Today were acceptable lasts.

Well done to Dougie and Wizzer on a wet day out. Sunday's match will again be on the Top Pond.

Tommy Lauriston.
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Re: Thursday Open 29/11/18 Top Pond

Postby Geoff Lowe » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:43 pm

Well done guys - or should I say "nutters"! :D
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