Result - Sunday Open - 6th Jan 08 - Main Loch

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Result - Sunday Open - 6th Jan 08 - Main Loch

Postby GG » Sun Jan 06, 2008 8:41 pm

Very late Carp for Davie and Jim thwarted young Stephen's valiant attempt to win on a very hard day. Stephen had a hard earned catch of skimmers and small Carp and was looking good for a win, since Carp had not fed all day, probably due to snow melt chilling the Main Loch down to 3 degrees. There was always a chance of the odd big fish as the light faded though, and so it turned out with Jim getting his one Carp on Corn with 15 minutes to go, and Davie getting the match winning fish, also on corn, with his last cast :!:

1st Davie Corcoran - 3lb 9oz (1.610kg)
2nd Jim Jones - 3lb 1oz (1.390kg)
3rd Stephen McLean - 2lb 9½oz (1.170kg)

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Re: Result - Sunday Open - 6th Jan 08 - Main Loch

Postby Tommy L » Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:42 pm

Tales from the Bank.

Well January is upon us and in fishing terms we have hit the the cold dreary days big time. In club terms we have went from the ever happy jovial George Glen right down the slippery slope to Papa Doc status. Talking of Papa Doc, today on the bank he was very unwell cause after being chauffered to his peg by Ian arriving like Lord Muck with his nose up in the air I witnessed him giving Ian a tip. Before anyway suggests that I'm making these stories too far fetched, the tip was " Ian, push the clutch right in before selecting gears " that was after Ian crunched the gears putting the buggy into reverse.

On my arrival today running late entering the Cafe at 9-25am I had time to enter my name, order my breakfast, buy my bait, unload my car, eat my breakfast and still make the 9-30 am draw. Don't want anyone thinking I turned into an athlete overnight, it was just the fact that Chris Hughes was in the jail and Ronnie after playing a blinder last week reverted to his old ways of drawing at 9-50 ish just in case Double Sweetcorn with the Hair Rig would make an appearance.

Having arrived late and packed my trolly in a hurry I had an accident as the load spilled on the way down the hill towards the farside of the Main Loch. As if that wasn't bad enough as I turned around Dangerous Dave was fast approaching at my back and we all know his skills and nifty footwork on slippery slopes. In order to prevent impending disaster I placed my Pole Bag to the side and threw myself over it as the 18 stone frame of Magiscrofts strongest man skated past without even a word, phew that was a close one I thought, how could I have refused his help in a polite manner not to offend.

On arrival at peg 42 ( End Peg ) again for the second week running thought I was in with a good chance of winning the sweep. End Peg with Papa Doc for company on my left conditions couldn't have been better. The news spread along the bank from George that the water temperature was 3.5 degree's. That stumped me, here I have information to help and didn't know what to do with it. Three Degree's yes, that would have been easy, As a youngster I used to dream about The Three Degree's and knew all about the Line-Up.

Well, the match got underway and 'Del Boy' had the landing net out in the first minute giving it yahoo and all that. A Carp I hear you say, "no" it was a Flounder, at Magiscroft a Flounder, "yes" on almighty Flounder, he only went and lost his feeding kit on his first put in. Some guy is our Del Boy, never a dull moment when he is around, need I mention last years 'Swimming with The Carp'

That was my Peg ruined for the day after Del Boys antics recovering his feeding cup, I only caught three wee bits and it had to be down to that. Couldn't have been Papa Doc cause he was sleeping for most of the match only waking up to ask people around 'What have you got' He's a real fly old devil, if you catch a fish you get the backside quized out of you by him, what method, what bait, what depth etc etc . The old codger caught early on and 'Colin of the records' asked him how did you get that Brian. His reply was ' Did I catch a fish, if I did I can't remember' silenced with one sentence.

As the match dragged on ' Colin of the records ' was walking it with a number of fish with a cumulative ( Total Del ) of One pound. At that time the Golden Childs personal coach walked along the bank wondering how he could put spin on the days weights. As he pounded the bank he nearly made Kevin and 'TGC' ( Far better board name that Silver Fish ) fall into the Loch as he said " You have got 6 Carp, well done " They thought Ronnie was speaking to Del Boy at that time, he was really speaking to a youngster on The Birch Pond.

Everyone in the match was fishing for the silvers getting some practice in for the SIPS matches that take place over the next three weeks and were willing to take their medicine with the low weights. That was until the Carp Bashers ( no sign of The Paste King this week ) decided to go for it in the last 15 minutes. Well one did to start with and the other followed shortly thereafter. Yip Councilor Jim started it with the tip rod and the PATONed method and landed his Fish of the Day ( his only fish of the day for second place ) Dangerous Dave who saw this also resorted to the PATONed method during the last 5 minutes, he couldn't use the full PATONed method cause every time he goes for a Pee on the bank things go Tits-up for him. With his last cast of the day the tip whipped round and made it a CRAP match for the rest of us.

Well as ever after the sweep we all headed up into the cafe to talk over the days events and to witness the Carp Bashers being presented with our money. The Cafe is where some of the guys show another side to their nature. In the morning we learned that Del-Boys always has to shave before attending the fishing. Working in the Barras Del will have had a few close shaves in his day.

The evenings Oops I don't believe I said that came from Doctor George. Having enquired after Freida's health and listened to the symptoms he made the following diagnosis. " Your needing a good servicing"

On that note I will bring this tale from the bank to a close. Things may have been exaggerated and no malice is intended.

See ya all next week.
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